Thursday, March 1, 2012

Project Project Runway #8- O! say, can you sew?


This week on Project Project Runway the challenge was to design a dress inspired by the colors and culture of one of the flags they were presented. I chose the flag for the country of Greece. I was tempted to choose one of the flags with black in it but I seem to pick black a lot- so I thought I would step out of my comfort zone. I knew for sure that I was not going to take it so literally like Michael did with what was almost a toga.

When I think of Greece I think of cotton fabrics and gorgeous blue water. I chose for my fabrics a white cotton with polka dots and blue stripped seersucker fabric.


It is a simple dress perfect for island hopping.


For my accessories I choose I nice ring to go with the outfit and some sandals.  I would take the red flower off the sandal.  They are not exactly what I would want but there were not a lot of choices that would work with my look. My creation

I think I will be safe this week- hey if Kenley was one of the top 2 with the ruffles she made I am hoping my pleats keep me in it. This is not one of my favorite looks of the season but it is done and I am ready for next week.

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kat said...

I think this is spot on & actually love that pop of red on the sandals.