Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Iron Craft #43- Nothing to fear but.....


 Just last year I began to knit. And I love it and I am finally moving beyond hats and scarves. BUT, I love Granny Squares.  I would love to make a blanket someday. In order to do that I would need to learn to crochet. My mother-in-law had given me a book on crocheting so this challenge was perfect to give it a shot. Of course, this challenge came the week we were out of town and I did not have time to really try anything. I did however, open the book and try my hand at single crocheting.

  Iron Craft

This photo is what I did while watching football. A close game between the Packers and Vikings is not a good time to try and learn how to do something new! At least the Packers won.

I have a friend at work who crochets and I plan on bugging her until I get the Granny Square.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

PPR #11- For the Birds

This week on Project Runway the designers were challenged with making a design inspired by a bird. I chose to go with the raven. I went with the black with a little bit of purple. I struggled at first with this dress but in the end I ended up pleased with what I am sending down the runway. Let's hope the judges are too. PPR11- For the Birds PPR11- For the BIrds PPR#11 Let's hope that this week we don't have to be inspired by birds, paintings or stilt walkers.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

PPR #10- Sew 70's

After a few weeks off to settle in to the school year, the House of Nodrok is back this week. The designs of the 70's bring back bad photo memories from my childhood but I embraced the challenge and went with it. This week the challenge was to look to the past to find your inspiration and create a sophisticated 70′s revival design. For my first design I decided to do an updated twist on the poncho with black suede pants.
Project Project Runway #10 - Sew 70's
PPR #10
 The judges agree with my assessment that the pants ended up being a little long but the model refused to wear the high-heel shoes I picked out and walked on the runway barefooted.

 I was rushing in the workroom to finish my second look (kids needed to be picked up at school and Tim kept telling me the clock was ticking.) This look is a simple one piece dress with a belt.

PPR #10- Sew 70's


I feel lucky to have gotten the second look done but hope that it will get me to the next week.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Iron Craft Challenge #40- Bottles and Jars

I was not going to do anything this week... I did not have an idea and was short on time. Then my conscious got to me. I had not done a challenge in a few weeks and I was feeling guilty. I committed to this so I needed to follow through. While putting away canning supplies I remembered the mason jars used as a pin cushion. I had an extra jar, some fabric scraps and a glue gun. This was a pretty simple craft and is perfect for putting a few needles in, some thread and pins. I feel like it is almost to easy but it got me back in the swing of things. IC40 Who knows, next week I might even get my kids back in the action.