Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Iron Craft #5- Hey Buddy, Can you spare a dollar?

This week for Iron Craft we were to go to the dollar store and use what we could find there to make our project for the challenge. I decided I wanted to make an Easter Wreath for our front door. This is a pretty simple project you need plastic eggs, a foam wreath, glue gun, glue sticks and Easter grass.  This came together really quickly and I love how it looks on my front door.


Thing 1 decided to join me this week. He found a square piece of foam at the Dollar Store and told me he was going to carve something. I was skeptical (and worried about the mess that it would make). A little while later he came upstairs with his finished project.


I love what he did.

There is talk of painting it but since we would need special paint for foam we could not add that for this week. It can't be found at the Dollar Store.


kat said...

So, is there little pieces of foam all over the basement?

Anonymous said...

Posterpaint. Should be available and is usually non reactive.