Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Iron Craft #5- Green or "Green"

This week's challenge on Iron Craft gave us the option of either using something green or being "green" and reusing/repurposing something we already had.

I decided to use some old pillows that I had and re-stuff them and make new covers. The old ones had seen better days and with the addition of a new puppy last year somehow the dog got the corners of the pillows when Thing 1 and 2 were watching him. Of course according to the boys "not me" did it.

This was a pretty quick challenge but of course I waited until the last minute to finish. I took the old pillows, threw away the cover but added more stuffing to the original stuffing.

Iron Craft

I then made a simple "envelope" type of cover.
Iron Craft

I made 2 pillows but I finished the second one after it was dark out and did not take a photo. I love the new updated look and was happy with how easy it was to make them.