Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Iron Craft #21- Felt

It seems like forever since I have posted anything for an Iron Craft challenge but this challenge was right up my alley at this time of the year FELT! Halloween costume time!

Earlier this summer I had come across an idea for a costume for Thing 2 when I saw this cute idea to make an iPhone. Thing 2 loves his iPod so we adapted that costume to be an iPod.

Iron Craft- felt

Iron Craft- felt Iron Craft- felt

It has the image of one of his favorite album covers on it, and of course apps at the bottom. It is not completely done (a week vacation to San Francisco got in the way), I need to finish attaching a few pieces and he was asleep so I could not try it on. It is basically a piece of white felt that he will wear like a sandwich board. For the finished costume he will wear his headphones that will be attached. I will post a picture of the costume with Thing 2 modeling it.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Project Project Runway #11- It's Fashion Baby

This week for Project Runway the challenge for the designers was to design an outfit for baby. This challenge was a weird one. Designing baby clothes is not the same as doing it for adults. I did like some of the outfits but a few of them presented some challenges if they were to be designed as is. You could tell that the designers never had to change a diaper by the lack of snaps to make the pants come off easy. No way would I have bought the overalls- to much work to change a diaper.

For our challenge on Project Project Runway we had the option to design a maternity outfit instead of a baby outfit. Since my babies are now 13 and 10 and no longer wanting mom to sew their clothes for them I decided to make a maternity outfit. When looking at a lot of the maternity clothes today I am amazed at how form fitting the clothes have become as opposed to the big baggie clothes that I wore. I did not like the tight stuff. Anyway, for my outfit I chose to make a pair of leggings paired with a black stretch top. The top has room for growth which is important when buying maternity clothes so they hopefully last a few months. If the mom to be wanted to wear the top as a dress she could as it is long enough.
Project Project Runway #11- It's Fashion Baby!

Project Project Runway #11- It's Fashion Baby! Project Project Runway #11- It's Fashion Baby!

 The next challenge looks to be avant gard- my favorite :(