Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Iron Craft #6- Peeps!

The challenge for this week for Iron Craft was to do something with Peeps! I knew this challenge would bring back both Thing 1 and Thing 2 to the blog. I think it was the hope of getting to eat a Peep or 2.

Thing 1 is all about the Hunger Games this week. He wanted to see the midnight showing of the movie but it was a school night so instead we went right after school. When deciding what to do for his Peep project he decided to do several scenes from the Hunger Games with the Peeps.

He calls it Hunger Peeps.

Thing 2 did a simple scene.
Iron Craft #6- Peeps
He titled it "Rich Peeps"

I did not have an idea to make with real Peeps so I decided to make a couple of Peep plushy toys for the dog.

Iron Craft- # 6 PeepsIron Craft #6- Peeps Iron Craft # 6 - Peeps

I love how they turned out and am not sure I want to give them to the dog as I am sure he will destroy them within minutes.


kat said...

You all did really well this week. Glad to see the Things back in the game.

Manisha said...

Awesome! All three ideas are great!