Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Iron Craft #34- On the Go

This week's challenge for Iron Craft was on the theme- On the GO! We have taken that literally and headed out of town on vacation.

  Jeep already to go
Since we are out of town there is not much crafting taking place.

BUT Thing 1 and Thing 2 have been ON THE GO working on the craft of water sports...

Surfer Max Surfer Lucas
Catching some waves

We have boogie boarded, surfed, body-surfed and just plain old running on the beach. We should be back next week unless Hurricane Irene amends that plan. There are 2 little boys hoping for a little delay as they start school on Monday. We shall see.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Project Project Runway Challenge #3

Go Big or Go Home!

This week our challenge was to create a design for our models with them on stilts. It was an interesting challenge. It is hard to work with the model when she can't stand up during fittings....dowl rods for feet don't work so well.

When I first started out I thought I wanted to do pants with some kind of skirt over it and a wrap top. So into the studio I went. On the show, the designers were paired up with another designer. Being that I live blocks away from Kat we got together to work on our own designs. She is a great resource and it is fun bouncing ideas off each other. Mostly me needing direction.
Go Big or Go Home
I ended up doing pants after I saw how they turned out. I was so proud that I figured out how to make a pattern (I guess the years of making PJ's for my boys paid off :) )My top is styled off of an Indian Sari.
I am not sure where my model would be wearing this as I am not sure she would be able to go very far on stilts.

Go Big or Go Home

Watch next week will be a "normal" challenge and I will be out of town on vacation. Haven't decided if I am going to try to make the challenges up as I will have 2 to do.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

PPR- Challenge 2- Pet Project

I had such high hopes for this challenge. Turns out I am not a huge fan of the unconventional materials.

I went to the pet store and ended up buying some candy covered millet pellets for rabbits and a red dog toy
. Supplies for PPR- Pet Project
I loved the colors of the pellets and the red went with the colors. My plan was to glue the pellets to the fabric and have a nice textured look.


That is where I went wrong....The glue actually made a sticky mess once it met up with the candy coating. They were sticking to everything. But they were also leaving a cool coloring on the fabric. Once I came to the realization that I was not going to be able to cover the whole dress in little, sticky pellets it was on to plan B.


Emelie, my model is coming down the runway in a dress colored from rabbit pellets, and a fleece jacket.  The belt is made from tubing on the handle of a fish net. The outfit is completed with a pair of red suede pumps.

I can see the judges now shaking their heads at the use of too much material...let's hope someone uses pee pee pads.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Iron Craft challenge #32- Summer!

Summer to me means warm weather and time at the pool or beach. We are getting ready to head south to the Outer Banks of North Carolina to see my brother and his family. We love to spend time on the beach, relaxing, playing in the surf and catching some rays. The one thing that drives me crazy is when my beach towel falls down off the top of the chair. That was the inspiration for this week's Iron Craft challenge.

Outer Banks fun

I decided to take a beach towel and modify it. I first added some pockets at the bottom of the towel to hold my sunblock, water (keeping the bottom out of the sand) and my sunglasses when I cool off.

Beach towel make over

Then I took the top of the towel and made a little pocket there to hold my Kindle or book- don't want it getting wet or sandy. After I made the pocket I folded the towel back on itself and sewed the sides to hold the towel in place so it won't slip down the chair.

Back of beach towel make over

Now I am all set for some fun in the sun.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Project Project Runway- Challenge 1

Challenge 1: Come As You Are

Challenge: House of Nodrok choose to use what their model was wearing and a 10 " X 10" piece of white fabric to create their design.

We had 18 hours to create our creation.


This year's models.

Emelie's bathing suit was taken apart and the body was used for the tie halter top. It was then attached to the white to make a cute little summer party dress. It is backless to show off that summer bronze.
Project Runway

This challenge proved to be a little difficult with the model's measurements and the amount of material available. House of Nodrok hopes that the judges are easy on them as this was their first attempt at making anything but Halloween costumes. It was a fun challenge and the results look wonderful on Emelie.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Iron Craft challenge #31-Sculptural

This week it was all about the Sculpey at our house.

The iron craft challenge was right up Thing 1's alley. He loves clay so much so that I can usually find him with clay in his hands working on something or I find it in the washer or dryer-grr!!! When I asked if he knew what he wanted to do he immediately said yes- he wanted to make a stop frame animation project. Much to his delight Kathy discovered her cameral was all set up to do such a thing. So off to her house we went. I kept asking if he needed to prepare something. He kept saying no. I was skeptical. Boy was I wrong. He sat there and went to work. This video is the result.

We learned a lot along the way and he is already planning the next project he wants to do.

A while back I had seen these cute little trays. When this week's theme came up I had my chance to make them. I went and got some clay...I had the same template and paper bowls at home which I found weird. I love how these turned out and I have some ideas on how to make some for the holidays.

Sculpey tray Sculpey tray

Thing 2 was out of town most of the week with a friend but at the last minute he decided he needed to get into the action. He created a square tray which his dad says he can use to hold his cuff links :) He still needs to paint it but has not decided on just the right colors.

Thing 2's bowl