Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Challenge #4- Get Cozy

This week the Iron Craft challenge was Get Cozy! That is something we understand here in the Frozen Tundra when the low on Friday morning hit -16 degrees. I decided that I was going to knit my cozy but decided that I would do a twist on it and make one for my beer. With it so cold outside the thought of holding a cold beer was not appealing to me. This way while watching the Packers make it to the Super Bowl my hands stayed nice and warm.

Get Cozy
Thing 2 quickly embraced the challenge and had his planned out. He used felt and embroidery floss. I helped with sewing part of it together but he did his own stitching. He is very proud of his project and brought it everywhere this weekend.

Get Cozy

Thing 1 has had a rough week and did not participate. It was the end of the semester at school and studying took most of his time and then over the weekend he was hit with a nasty fever and spent most of his time sleeping. He will be back next week.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Iron Craft Week 3- Just Bunt and bunt we did!!

Well, what is it that they say about the best laid plans....

I knew when starting out on this endeavor that doing a craft a week with my kids there would be some weeks where they could do the crafts and other weeks where they couldn't or would need more help. Well, this was a week that they needed a little more mom help. That's ok. I had fun helping them with their projects. I love seeing what they come up with.

Thing 2 had his all planned out- he was going to do his name for his room since he recently got his own room. He knew the number of flags he was using and how to decorate each letter- that was until Friday night at 7 when he announced he wanted to do a Packer garland and it had to be ready for the game the next day. You see, we are a Packer family, the dog is named Lambeau, Grandpa had season tickets and dad has been going to games for years. So Saturday night's game was a big one. Being the good Packer fan, I of course had some fabric around the house and our garland was planned out. Thing 2 helped sew up the flags, turned them right side out and even did some ironing. Come game time on Saturday it was all ready to go and so was he. So were the Packers as they won big!!!


Thing 1 had an idea to add to the skateboard theme in his room. Coming up with something for a boy did not prove as difficult as I had thought. I did have to help with some of the cutting and gluing due to the "stupid sling" as he calls it but the idea was all his. I think the skateboards came out great. We used felt for the boards and just glued them on. I use bias tape for the top. There is a plan to add more skateboards when the arm is healed up and Thing 1 can do them himself.


My garland on the other hand did not get made. Oh well, like I said- the best laid plans......

While the kids and I were back home working on our challenge, the Big Cheese was off taking photos of lightning over in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Bolt over Riyadh

We anxiously wait for the next craft. Thing 2 can't wait.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Iron Craft Challenge 2 Draft Snakes

So my cousin, Kathy at Kat Crafts was bugging me to join her Iron Craft Challenge group. I resisted until New Year's Eve when Thing 1 told her that he wanted to do the challenges. Since he wanted to join in I thought it was a great opportunity for me to do crafts with my kids, especially during these cold Minnesota winters. They will do as many of them with me as they can. Here we are at week 2- I am starting a blog and embarking on 52 crafts in 52 weeks.

This challenge was an easy one to do with kids and they both had ideas on how they were going to decorate their "snakes" . We went and got fabric markers and used some extra canvas around the house. They both planned out their designs before they started on the actual snake. Thing 2 wanted to sew his himself- Thing 1 is hampered by a broken arm so no sewing for him. This project was very easy for them to do and they had a fun time doing it. My snake is pretty basic with some IKEA fabric I had around the house.

Iron Craft Challenge 2 Stay Warm
Iron Craft Challenge 2 Stay Warm
Thing 1 wanted a tongue.
Iron Craft Challenge 2 Stay Warm Iron Craft Challenge 2 Stay Warm
Thing 2 did his own sewing.
Iron Craft Challenge 2 Stay Warm Iron Craft Challenge 2 Stay Warm

So we are waiting to find out what challenge number 3 will be. Kathy won't spill the beans early and she is sitting right next to me.