Thursday, September 27, 2012

Project Project Runway #10- I Get a Kick Out of Fashion

So this week on Project Project Runway our challenge was to design an outfit for the Rockettes. It needed to be something that could be worn year round. I thought this was a fun challenge. I chose sequins and black Lycra.

Project Project Runway #10- I Get a Kick out of Fashion PPR


At the end of our photo shoot Kathy and I decided to do a dance line of our own.


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Project Project Runway #8- Starving Artist

This week the challenge on Project Project Runway was to create a look for fall and include outwear with it. For my look I decided to make a red dress trimmed in black at the bottom. The look is finished off with a gray wool coat with 3/4 length sleeves to show off the dress underneath. The look would be paired with a great pair of boots.

Project Project Runway # 8- Starving Artist Project Project Runway # 8- Starving Artist

Project Project Runway # 8- Starving Artist Project Project Runway # 8- Starving Artist Project Project Runway # 8- Starving Artist

 The whole thing on the show with them having to sell their stuff on the street for their fabric money was ridiculous. I still wonder how they managed to make $800. Maybe I need to try it for a little extra cash.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Iron Craft # 18- All For Me

Wow! I finally have an Iron Craft project. I hope with the kids back in school, my part-time job getting back to part-time after a crazy summer and our family getting into a routine I will be able to get back to posting. I thought I was doing good this time and was going to be done in advance. But football practice for Thing 2 several nights a week, Art Academy and training our dog for Thing 1 I ended up finishing up with photos the night before. I guess the accomplishment is that I completed something.

This time for Iron Craft the challenge was to make something for ourselves. I knew it needed to be a quick project. I went back and looked at my Pinterest boards- is anyone else really good at pinning but never doing anything with it? I had pinned several card holders to hold the tons of loyalty cards that I have. I hate having them in my wallet and was thinking I would make something. I decided on this one by a Spoonful of Sugar. It was super easy, just what I needed and I love the results.
Iron Craft #18- All for Me Iron Craft #18- All For Me

Sorry about the lighting. It was dark out and my dining room is not the best light.

 I am off to think of my design for this week's Project Project Runway. See ya on the runway on Thursday.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Project Project Runway #7-Oh My Lord and Taylor

This week on Project Runway our challenge was to create a cocktail or evening dress to fit into the Lord and Taylor Project Runway Capsule Line while still showing your own design style. We are to design for the woman who loves fashion. She is sophisticated, stylish and has good taste. The dress needs to be designed simply enough to be manufactured.

For this challenge I chose to make a black full length dress out of a pattern "leather" I added a high collar with the form fitting dress.

IMG_4762 IMG_4761 95 225515_2

I was not real motivated with this week's challenge- hopefully the judges don't notice that. I feel like a lot of the challenges so far have been somewhat similar. Then again, looking at the previews for this week I am not sure I want more. I hope I am safe this week.