Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Challenges #12 #13- Lucky & Best In Show

Well, we here in our house "got lucky" and were able to head south and leave the Frozen Tundra for 9 days. We were able to spend a few days on the beach, head to a few theme parks and enjoy time with the Big Cheese who was back for a few weeks.

There was not a lot of time for crafting and such on the trip but Thing 2 did do some sand art while in Cocoa Beach....

We were also able to see Grandma and Grandpa on this trip. Being that Grandma was away she did not have time to do up a craft but she did submit a photo of the "Rabbits Foot Fern" that she is growing and tending to. I have never seen one of these before but it does look like rabbit's feet.

While on our trip we made a stop at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure. The Things had been saving their money to visit Harry Potter and find their wands. Little did we know that while there we would meet their namesakes.
Week 13's challenge for Iron Craft-Best in Show- was a hard one us to find something to put together especially in 3 days. Prior to leaving on our trip we had to say goodbye to our favorite four-legged friend, Lambeau, who had been with us for over 14 years. The only other pet in our lives right now is Fred, our Betta fish and I am not sure what you would make for a fish. Even though I did not make it this week, I decided to use a project I had made for Halloween for the Things & Lambeau-who we feel is BEST IN SHOW !

Iron Craft #13- Best In Show

After a few weeks off from crafting the boys and I are eager to find out next's week challenge. We are back in the game.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Iron Craft #11- Easy Bein' Green

What perfect timing for this week's challenge in Iron Craft. We have had snow on the ground here in the frozen tundra for well over 120 straight days and it is wearing on me. I love snow but this year has been too much- over 80 inches of it and now it is all dirty and gross - I am ready for some green.

When talking with Kathy about ideas for this project she said she was thinking of making a terrarium. I said I had wanted to make one for a while so we decided to work on this project together. It seemed to make sense since a lot of the supplies came in big bags and it would be easy to share. Thing 2 wanted to join us so we made a day out of it. Kathy and I went and got all the supplies-you need gravel, charcoal, potting soil, plants and decorative rocks for the top if you want. And you need a container for it to all go into.

Iron Craft #10 Iron Craft #10

Having never done this before it was a learning experience. We had fun doing this together. Thing 2 wants to keep his in his room- I am trying to convince him that there is better light in the living room. But then again it finally might warm up and we can take the plastic off his windows and open up the blinds. COME ON SPRING!!!!

Iron Craft #10 Iron Craft #10

You can read Kathy's instructions here on how we assembled them.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Iron Craft #10- the Fat Quarter

I was so excited to see fat quarters as the challenge this week for Iron Craft. I knew right away what I was going to make. A couple of weeks ago I had gotten some new makeup and some new brushes. These brushes needed something to hold them in and I knew just the thing. A brush roll. I had made crayon and pencil rolls for the boys a few years ago to hold crayons and colored pencils. I knew that all I needed to do was adapt it to hold the brushes and I was set. I am super happy with the results and even left room for a few more brushes. Now I need to make a pouch to match.
Iron Craft 310 Iron Craft 310

Grandma joined us again this week. My brother has twin girls- Sophie and Gwyn who are 6 years old. Both of them have American Girl dolls. Grandma decided to use a fat quarters to make some clothes for the dolls. Each piece in the outfits is made with a fat quarter but with the two girls she had to use more than one to make clothes. And being grandma, she did not stop with just one outfit for each doll. I know these outfits will be loved.

Iron Craft #10 Iron Craft #10 Iron Craft #10 Iron Craft #10

I had another idea for Thing 1 and Thing 2 to do for their project. Both of them love to draw and write in journals so I thought that covering your basic composition book with a fat quarter would be the perfect thing for them to do. The hardest part was getting them to go with me to pick out the fabric.

Iron Craft 310
This project is really easy. Just measure out the dimensions of your book you are covering. Cut a piece of a fabric about an inch bigger and a piece of heat and bond. Adhere the heat and bond to the fabric. Once that is done you attach the fabric to the notebook. It is that simple. Now Thing 1 and 2 are set with a cool notebook to take on spring break.

Iron Craft 310 Iron Craft 310

Looking forward to what the next challenge brings.... the boys wake on Thursday and always ask what we are doing next.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Challenge #9-....and the Oscar goes to.....

Well, our movies are not Ocsar winners but they are winners at our house.

Thing 1 and I are the only ones participating this week and we chose Harry Potter and Toy Story 1. I took the easy route this week and finally finished my golden snitch from a few weeks ago. I know, kind of cheesy but I could not think of anything to do- it is weird but I don't really have an all time favorite movie. My boys are lucky to have lots of Harry Potter stuff around thanks to the great scarfs and mittens knit by Kathy. I thought it was perfect backdrop for the photo of my snitch. I followed Kathy's pattern for the golden snitch but I am not happy with how the edges of my knitting turns out. I think I need some help there- it always tends to be too loose.

Iron Craft #9 The Oscar goes to... Iron Craft #9 The Oscar goes to...

Thing 1 on the other hand loves all movies it seems. But for this week he settled on Toy Story 1 and the little green army men. He chose to make these out of clay and they turned out awesome. He wanted a whole army of them but they took more time than he had this week..... but I think they turned out great.

Iron Craft #9 The Oscar goes to...
These little guys measure about 2 1/2' inches tall, are formed out of clay and then baked. My son would spend all day working with and molding clay if it were not for school and homework. It is so fun to see what he creates.

Looking forward to the next challenge- maybe it will be something that all of us can do. Who knows?