Thursday, February 2, 2012

Project Project Runway #4- Good Tastes Taste Good

This week for the challenge on Project Project Runway the designers were to create a tasteful outfit inspired by the colors and flavors of gelato. I chose kiwi as my flavor for this week's challenge. While looking for fabric I was drawn to the green. I choose a crinkled taffeta to make the sleeveless dress and a printed sheer for the cover-up. It is attached at the back with slits in the side for the arms to go through.

Project Project Runway #4

Project Project Runway #4

 NMY11F4_mt NMX0ZF5_mt Project Project Runway #4

The hardest part of this challenge was obviously the time constraint.  It is amazing how fast an hour can go by.  I would have changed a few details with more time but I was being rushed to the runway.  I am hoping that I am safe this week. Mine is a pretty simple design but I did only have an hour.


kat said...

All & all I think it turned out pretty good. You found the perfect earrings!

Grandmabee said...

I like it--a pretty green