Thursday, February 9, 2012

Project Project Runway #5- Clothes off your Back

Wow, it is week 5 already. This week for the challenge for Project Project Runway we were to find a muse and convince them to take the clothes off their backs. We were then to design a look with those clothes. Half of the outfit had to come from the clothes we got.

 For my muse I chose Thing 1 and Thing 2, my 2 sons.


Actually the idea came as I was sorting clothes to donate and I came across a swim suit and thought I could use that for the challenge.

I decided that my look would be for the "hip" mom to wear when heading out with her little surfers for a day in the sun.


The top is a tank with simple straps with the skirt being made from the material in the swim suit. I even kept the rivets and stitching from the pocket.My creation

I was so excited to see flat sandals on the accessory wall. I was thinking flip flops and knew I would never find those there but these are even better.  It is a pretty simple look but what else would someone want heading out to the beach.


kat said...

I think it turned out great. I like the sheer part of the straps & the rivet detail in the skirt.

CJ said...

Really adorable! I want it for me:)