Thursday, February 16, 2012

Project Project Runway #6- Fashion Face Off

This week on Project Project Runway our challenge was to create sportswear for a weekend getaway.

On Fridays, Kathy, from Just Crafty Enough, and I meet to go walking and then afterwards we head to JoAnn's for fabric before we spend the afternoon in the "studio"designing for the week. This week when I picked her up and asked her what her idea was she said that she was thinking of something that would be worn on a ski weekend- the same thing I was thinking. So into the studio we went facing off. (I actually don't know if she left it as that being her get away but it was fun acting like we were battling when we were working together.)

My design is for the gal who is spending the weekend away skiing, maybe in Breckenridge or Vail but not as upscale as Beaver Creek or Aspen. My gal is one who would spend the day on the slopes and then would want to slip into something nice in the evening when heading out to dinner but be comfortable as well. I chose a plaid wool woven material for a wrap around long skirt. The shirt is a simple black shirt with a quilted vest added for a little warmth.

PPR #6 PPR #6

For accessories I chose boots that were not part of the accessory wall. There were no winter footwear accessories available and who would wear pumps in the mountains in February. My gal needed boots. I love the way the look ended up. She is ready for the weekend.

My creation

I hope the judges don't think it is too casual.  I guess hoping for the middle is a good thing this week.

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kat said...

It's sportswear so I don't think you are too casual at all. It's a classic well made look that I think would sell well.