Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Iron Craft #2- Hearts and Flowers

This week Thing 1 makes his return to the blog.  Actually he is the only one that has completed anything for this week's Iron Craft Challenge.  The idea for this week's craft came from Kathy.  She had seen some conversation hearts made out of clay online and thought of Thing 1 and his love of all things clay.  I bought some pink clay and a heart cutter, gave it to Thing 1 and he was off to work.


 He made these cute pink heart necklaces to give to those special people in his life this Valentine's Day.


 I hope that I am on the list.


Dr. Russ said...

Great job. Thing 1 and clay is a magical thing. Glad that he is back on board this year.

kat said...

I feel so bad that the ink wouldn't dry. Hope the other tries work