Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Iron Craft #52- Bling

This week brings us to the final challenge of the year for Iron Craft. We were to add a little bling. Bling is so NOT me. I am a rather drab kind of gal who loves her black and gray. But when shopping for something to do for this challenge my eye was caught by a simple black and red chain of beads. Add a clasp to it and viola, a "bling" bracelet for me- or as much bling as I wear.


 I feel like I cheated on this one with only adding the clasp but with having company for Christmas for a week it is about all I could get together. Sometimes you gotta go with simple.

The Things and I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. They promise to be more present in the new year. They are looking forward to celebrating the New Year with Kathy from Just Crafty Enough and the annual banging of pots and pans at midnight. She taught them this trick that I am sure my neighbors just love.

 Happy New Year and see you back here in 2012!!

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kat said...

I'll never forget the first year banging pots & pans and how worried Thing 1 was that the police were going to come.