Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Iron Craft #50- Wrap It Up!

50 weeks of Iron Craft- Wow! I can't believe it has been a year. This challenge is perfect for this week. About a year ago I had started to think that I wanted to switch from using wrapping paper to fabric bags. There were many reasons including it is less waste and I love to make bags. So I started buying fabric I could use for bags...I would wait until it went on sale or I had a coupon as well as I bought a bunch of dish towels the day after Christmas when they were super cheap.
  Wrap It Up

 I have to admit, the dish towels make the easiest bags. You can fold in half, use 2 to make a big bag or cut and get 4 bags out of one towel and the best part is that you can use the finished seam so less sewing. I sewed up a bunch for this challenge but will make more as I need them.

 Wrap It Up

 After I told Thing 1 what I was doing and got this response "Mom- the trees are already dead and the whole purpose of presents is ripping them apart" I realize it maybe a while before I get the kids in this house on board.

 It is a work in progress.


Just Crafty Enough said...

I just love all your red & white fabrics & am imagining them trimming white pillowcases!

QAMom said...

LOL I saw a site that talked about using fabric bags again and again for Christmas, and the lack of being able to rip the paper is why I haven't gone that route too. I've considered it for adults though. But I don't use gift bags for the same reason. I like the opening too. :)

I didn't think of using dishtowels though, great idea!