Monday, April 25, 2011

Iron Craft #17- Royal Wedding

This week for Iron Craft the challenge was Royal Wedding...what, you didn't hear there is wedding this week? You would have to be under a rock to not know about "the wedding" on Friday. Thing 1 is concerned that no one will remember his birthday on Saturday because everyone is focused on Will and Kate.

We did our crafting this week at Kathy's house while enjoying a great Easter dinner.


Being boys and not really caring about weddings (though both have asked to get up at 3 am to watch) we went the easy route with the Things. They will be wearing their new shirts with pride on Friday supporting those on the other side of the pond.


I decided on a Royal Wedding survival kit. In order to watch the event live I will need to be up really early. I decided I needed something to set my tea cup on....

Iron Craft #17 Iron Craft #17

So now all I have to do is set the alarm and get up.

This is what happens moments after the Things pretend to like each other....

Wrestle mania!!!

Until next week.....


kat said...

It was a fun crafty Easter! Your mug rug turned out super cute. I can just hear Thing 2 in that last picture "Mom, I just want to hug him"

grandma said...

The boys shirts are awesome and the mug rug is not too shabbt either! Loved the mug!

Dr. Russ said...

I had no idea that the boys did their own shirts when I saw them on Flikr. I seriously thought that they bailed and bought matching tshirts. Dudes--great job. No smudges, no seeping paint under the stencil. Really great job.

As for the mug rug, great job as well.

BTW, I was interested in seeing what the boys were going to do this week.