Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Iron Craft #14-Wish you were here

This week the challenge on Iron Craft was to make a postcard. It sounded simple enough. But boy did I struggle- I was the last one in the house done.

Grandma went over the top by making cards for Thing 1, Thing 2, Kathy, myself and for the swap. Each of hers is a little different. The boys will love getting mail.
Iron Craft #14

Thing 1 decided he was going to draw the Van's logo that is on his baseball hat. He loves his hat and his Vans.

Iron Craft #14

Next to finish was Thing 2. He and I talked one night about what he wanted to do and we came up with using a thumb print to make a bunny. He was going to make a card for the swap as well as one for each of his grandparents and his cousins in North Carolina. He loved getting his hands dirty and doing this project.

Iron Craft #14

When it came time to finish the bunnies and write on the card I really struggled with letting him do it without my input. I wanted it to be simple and not say much- he on the other hand had a whole different take on it. I need to remind myself that he is 8 and it is his project. I can't tell him how to do it. I think the recipients of these cards will love them.
Iron Craft #14-

By Tuesday I still did not have an idea, so my friend Jen at work said let's take a break and go over to the art building and come up with something. One advantage of working in recreation is having lots of resources at your disposal. After looking at a ton of stuff I decided on using some tissue paper, art paper and oil pastels. I put the tissue paper on the art paper and "painted" over it with water and let the colors bleed through. After that was done I used the oil pastels to outline the colors. I scanned it to make it postcard size. A fun break in the pre-summer chaos that is my job.
Iron Craft #14

After I posted some photos on facebook and on here of the Things meeting their namesakes Grandpa asked where is photo was. So making his first appearance in this space is Grandpa and his namesake :)

Iron Craft #14

Looking forward to next week's challenge. Wondering as the warm weather stays, spring fever really hits and baseball season starts will getting the projects done be harder.

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Dr. Russ said...

Great projects all around. Everyone should be happy with receiving any of these cards. well done everyone.