Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Iron Craft #15-Bunny or chick???

It use to be that one sign of spring was the Peeps showing up in the stores around Easter time. Now they have peeps for almost all the major holidays. You can even get them covered in chocolate. I wonder if they still have the sugar coating on them or not. This week for the Iron Craft challenge we were tasked with doing something with Peeps. Peeps was the material.

Thing 1 knew right away what he was going to do- set up a scene with Peeps. So he got to work- all 4 packages of peeps were opened and sugar galore was sent all over the living room. I walked in and saw his work... Attack of the Peeps!!! ( I secretly think he just wanted to eat them as I know there were peeps missing between photo shoots)
Iron Craft #15 Iron Craft #15

My project was rather simple- use a model of the Empire State Building that Thing 1 made and create- Peep Kong

Iron Craft #14
Grandma, who is a regular now decided to make a nice spring center piece with her Peeps. Truth be told- I buy my mom Peeps at each holiday as they are a favorite of hers-she eats them but only after being opened and getting a little hard. I love the arrangement she has put together.

Iron Craft #14

Thing 2 was excited to make something that is a favorite around here this time of year....S'mores. What kid ( and most adults) doesn't like marshmallow, chocolate and graham crackers. However, when I went for the chocolate bars there were none to be found- not saying who but I know a couple of Things that might be guilty. Since we were using Peeps, why not use chocolate chip cookies for the outside. We even included who I guess could be called Thing 3, Lucas' buddy Charlie.

Iron Craft #15 Iron Craft #15
The only one not to make an appearance yet is my husband, the Big Cheese. I challenged him to come up with something this week. Not a lot of time or places to find Peeps or marshmallows in Saudi Arabia but he did send a photo of a couple of camels in a pickup truck. Is it dinner or a pet?

Maybe one of these weeks when he gets back he will join us for a challenge. My other goal is to get grandma to use her "real" camera and not her to get here to branch out on the technology.

Until next week.....


kat said...

Gee I can't imagine Thing 2's sweet tooth with all those peeps around!

shopgirl said...

Your post is so funny!
Looking for Peeps in an Arab country! Trying to convince Grandma to use a camera. Trying to make sure some of the materials are not eaten.

Dr. Russ said...

I am so happy that everyone liked their postcards. I wanted to send them naked (w/o an envelope) but was afraid that they wouldn't make it to you (which has happened with some of my postcards in the past).

I hope you didn't mind the personal message on the outside of the envelope. I really appreciate parents that allow their young men to be creative (and their daughters to be scientific).

Once again, thanks for letting me know that (1) you received them and (2) you enjoyed them.

Best wishes--DrRuss

Dr. Russ said...

Please tell Grandma that I received her postcard in the mail and that I really LOVE it. I used to work for Disney as a studio vocalists for 5 years. I used to sing for their commercials and shows so Disney holds a very close place in my heart. Many thanks--DrRuss

Dr. Russ said...

I received my postcards from you and the boys today. They are even better in person than on flikr and your blog.

Each of the cards is so different and great. Your Mondrian inspired card is really cool and the cards from the boys are fantastic. I'm going to up them up on my inspiration board so I can look at them often.

Once again--thanks.