Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Iron Craft #18-Flowers

This week for the Iron Craft challenge we were given the theme flowers. What a great theme for this time of year. Typically flowers are starting to show themselves everywhere in my gardens by this time but no so this year. Everything is weeks behind but I am working on my list for the upcoming flower sale with the hopes of flowers coming soon.

This week Grandma was back with us. She submitted 2 projects for this weeks theme. Three if you include this gorgeous Easter lily that bloomed just in time for this week.

Iron Craft #18

Grandma's first project is a stitched card that she made using a pattern from

Iron Craft #18 Iron Craft #18

Her other project is a dogwood branch in bloom that was seen on Martha Stewart video. She found a branch outside and made these white flowers to put on it.

Iron Craft #18

Thing 2 and I had discussed what he was going to do this week and had decided on painting a flower pot for a plant. Every summer he always has his own little grouping of flowers. I had gone out to run an errand the other night when he called and said he was bored and wanted to get ready to paint when I got home. Well, so much for waiting. When I got home this is what I found. He presented this cute pot to me as an early Mother's Day present. I love it.

Iron Craft #18
I think the best part is that he did the whole thing from start to finish on his own.

I had seen this pillow the other day that I really wanted to try making. After looking at it some more, I decided it was like the petals on a flower and I decided that was my project for the week. Thing 2 is in full baseball mode and when looking at JoAnn's I saw this cute material and my baseball themed pillow was started.


I have to admit that it is not totally done, that is what happens when you try and finish it after baseball late at night. I did run into a problem with the side... but once I figured out the diameter of my circle I was on track and then I ran out of stuffing but for the sake of a photo I temporarily put the button on. I love how this turned out and so does Thing 2.

Until next week.....

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Dr. Russ said...

Another great week of projects. The flower pot rules and what a great early Mother's Day gift and to think that he did it all on his own--great job.