Thursday, August 2, 2012

PPR #2- Candy Couture

This week's challenge on Project Project Runway brings us to the unconventional challenge. This time we were to create a look out of candy and other items from the candy store.

This challenge brought back memories of my struggles through the pet store challenge a few seasons ago where I tried to work with rabbit pellets and struggled horribly. I thought I chose wisely for this challenge: Nerds, Fruit by the Foot, Dots and Sprinkles.
I was ready to try different glue. I looked at my supplies again and decided to skip the Nerds- too close to the last time. For my look I used the fruit by the foot for my skirt and covered the shirt in sprinkles. I thought the look came together pretty good.


 UNTIL I was getting her dressed for our photo shoot.


If you look closely on both photos you can see why it was the world's fastest photo shoot. The candy on top was melting on my model. We took photos so fast she didn't even have time for accessories. I think the next unconventional challenge I will skip the glue and candy :)

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Just Crafty Enough said...

Really in the end this was so much more successful than the rabbit pellet dress, oh that was such a bad time!