Thursday, September 8, 2011

Project Project Runway #6- The Art of the Matter

The challenge this week was to pair with a young artist to use a work of art that they created as your inspiration. My work of art is a piece that we have hanging in my son's bedroom that he made with oil pastels 6 years ago when he was 6 years old. In his art class they were studying Andy Warhol.  I took inspiration in the colors and the idea of flight.

 PPR #6- The Art of the Matter

 I had a really hard time with this challenge this week. I think partly because I am so the opposite of avant garde that even the thought of it makes me stress out. I decided that I really wanted to make a dress using the colors of the picture as my basis. I started thinking about vintage flight attendants and what they wore. How things have changed. I knew I wanted to try and make a hat to go with the look.

 PPR #6- The Art of the Matter

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I came out of the work room scissors flying. That is what happens when you have a sick child home on studio day. I may be missing a few darts here and stitches there but I did something. My only hope is that the judges give me a pass this week as making a hat was my something new and out there (for me at least). Here's hoping I am still on the runway next week.


Grandmabee said...

I am so impressed! You tied in the picture of planes with the outfit perfectly. Liked the hairstyle also--I think you will stay this week!

Ros said...

I immediately thought flight attendant and I love the super-cool Mondrian-esque colours. Avant garde is SO HARD.

Bonnie said...

My first thought was also Mondrian, and I love the cool, sophisticated vibe of the outfit. The buttons are the perfect finishing touch; they are eye-catching, but in a way that adds to the overall look rather than distracting from it. I think you're more than safe this week!