Thursday, September 1, 2011

Challenge #5- Off Track

This week on Project Runway the designers were challenged to create a look to go with Heidi's line of New Balance shoes. This look is more my thing as I am either in sneakers or sandals depending on the time of year. So off to the studio I went.

 I found this great denim fabric with some black floral print on it and had some suede in the workroom. I started out thinking long skirt but when Heidi showed up in the workroom she shook her head at me so I decided a short skirt was the way to go.

    Challenge #5- Off Track

I finished off the look with a sleeveless knit top.

  Challenge #5 Off Track

I could totally see running errands in the skirt and a pair of tennis shoes. The outfit for the mom on the go.  Hopefully the judges don't think it is too ordinary and that I make it through to the next challenge.

 The show it self was a little too much drama for me. And the run at the beginning was a little strange.

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kat said...

Yeah, the long skirt was a little too church lady, this is so much better!