Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Iron Craft # 36- Creative Activities

This week for Iron Craft we were challenged to make something that could be enter in the fair. The Minnesota State Fair is a big deal- it is know as the "Great Minnesota Get Together." Each summer it is held the last 10 days of summer- ending on Labor Day. School districts hold off starting school because of the fair- all the out state kids would miss because they are showing animals at the fair. We typically go to the fair each summer- my mom and dad come to visit just to go to the fair. From the fried cheese curds, pronto pups, bacon on a stick to the Giant Slide it is an event not to miss.

I have to admit though that I don't typically spend a lot of time in the Creative Activities building- it could be that the Things would rather ride the rides and eat than look at quilts. I did not realize until this challenge that there were so many more things you could enter into the fair than quilts, knitting and honey. There are 1309 to be exact. With those odds I knew we could find something for each of us to do.

I choose the tie dye and dye dipping category. Actually I decided on this after seeing the ad for Micheal's this week. They had a sale on t-shirts and they had a shirt in it that was done to look like a pumpkin. I knew I could do that myself. It was a pretty easy project.

Creative Activities- Tie dyeCreative Activities- Tie dyeIMG_4914

I took some old t-shirts I had at home, bought black and orange dye and fabric paint. The dye even comes in bottles, with rubber bands and gloves. All you do is add water. Next I decided I need to do the starburst design. To do this you basically pull the fabric up where you want to start and put a rubber band there. You continue the rest of the way down the shirt. After your shirt is tied off you squirt on the dye. Once you have the dye on you let the shirt sit for 6- 8 hours ( according to the directions)- I should have left it over night. The black could have been darker. Rinse out the shirt, wash separately and let dry. When it is dry you can decorate the face of the pumpkin.

Creative Activities- Tie dye Creative Activities- Tie dye Creative Activities- Tie dye

Thing 1 waited until the last minute to get his entry into the group this week. He chose his favorite- polymer clay. He kept telling me he was going to make something and then would find something else to do. At the last minute while talking to his dad he produced his creation- it took him less than 5 minutes to do.

Vader VS. Winged Pork
Vader VS. Winged Pork
Thing 2 had been wanting to make a clock project that he had. So when looking through the list of things at the fair I noticed clocks as a category. He also wanted to do all of his photography this week. So other than the photo of him working this project is all him.

 Creative Activities- Clock making Creative Activities- Clock making Creative Activities- Clock making Thing 2's clock

 He has a few finishing touches to do but for the most part the clock is ready to sit on his dresser.


waggonswest said...

I love the pumpkin shirt!

waggonswest said...

The clock and the flying pig are fabulous too!