Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Iron Craft challenge #31-Sculptural

This week it was all about the Sculpey at our house.

The iron craft challenge was right up Thing 1's alley. He loves clay so much so that I can usually find him with clay in his hands working on something or I find it in the washer or dryer-grr!!! When I asked if he knew what he wanted to do he immediately said yes- he wanted to make a stop frame animation project. Much to his delight Kathy discovered her cameral was all set up to do such a thing. So off to her house we went. I kept asking if he needed to prepare something. He kept saying no. I was skeptical. Boy was I wrong. He sat there and went to work. This video is the result.

We learned a lot along the way and he is already planning the next project he wants to do.

A while back I had seen these cute little trays. When this week's theme came up I had my chance to make them. I went and got some clay...I had the same template and paper bowls at home which I found weird. I love how these turned out and I have some ideas on how to make some for the holidays.

Sculpey tray Sculpey tray

Thing 2 was out of town most of the week with a friend but at the last minute he decided he needed to get into the action. He created a square tray which his dad says he can use to hold his cuff links :) He still needs to paint it but has not decided on just the right colors.

Thing 2's bowl

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kat said...

Great projects from the whole family this week!