Thursday, August 18, 2011

Project Project Runway Challenge #3

Go Big or Go Home!

This week our challenge was to create a design for our models with them on stilts. It was an interesting challenge. It is hard to work with the model when she can't stand up during fittings....dowl rods for feet don't work so well.

When I first started out I thought I wanted to do pants with some kind of skirt over it and a wrap top. So into the studio I went. On the show, the designers were paired up with another designer. Being that I live blocks away from Kat we got together to work on our own designs. She is a great resource and it is fun bouncing ideas off each other. Mostly me needing direction.
Go Big or Go Home
I ended up doing pants after I saw how they turned out. I was so proud that I figured out how to make a pattern (I guess the years of making PJ's for my boys paid off :) )My top is styled off of an Indian Sari.
I am not sure where my model would be wearing this as I am not sure she would be able to go very far on stilts.

Go Big or Go Home

Watch next week will be a "normal" challenge and I will be out of town on vacation. Haven't decided if I am going to try to make the challenges up as I will have 2 to do.


Tawny said...

I love how this turned out! Wasn't it a pain to get your model to stand up on those stilts outside? The top is beautiful. I want it! And the sparkly pants go terrific with it. I too learned how to make a pattern for pants by making a pile of em for my boy hehehe.

Well executed. Love it!

jessica said...

She looks great. I love a good pant, and these polka-dot pants are very good. Any time I've tried to make pants for me, they've been unwearable. Somehow I can make them for the doll with ease. Go figure!

Grandmabee said...

Your outfit looks great! I am proud of you--see, even without girls you get your girlie fix! Have a great vacation--hope the surf is good