Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Iron Craft #23- You Are Here

This week the challenge on Iron Craft was to do something with maps. That challenge is wide open. Grandma was the first to complete her crafts this week. She writes

When we travel, we like to play games in the evening. Rummikub is the game of choice this year. As the box is too big for travel, I found some map fabric ( the only choice in the store) and made a bag so I can tuck it in my tote or suitcase.

Iron Craft 23 Iron Craft 23

Also, when we made our last trip to North Carolina, the car console was full of receipts. I found a small file for receipts at Office Depot and covered it with map paper which I covered with Contact. No more scattered receipts!

Iron Craft 23 Iron Craft 23

The Things and I along with dad were going to take a map of the world and use pins to mark all the places we have traveled. We bought the supplies but have not be able to put it together. To much catching up to do with dad only here for a week. Seems like I am going to need to post a whole post with all the projects we need to finish.


Dr. Russ said...

Great projects. I have never heard of the Rummikub game before. The receipt holder is great. Well done.

val said...

love both projects. Dr.Russ.... Rummikub is the BEST game!

kat said...

Love the way the receipt holder looks.