Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Challenge #25- Scan this....

So by now most folks have seen the little square boxes in ads and around that are black and white and pixelated. They are known as QRcodes and lead you to all kinds of stuff. This week for Iron Craft the challenge was to use them in a project. I have to admit when I first read the challenge I was not inspired. I have scanned them with my phone, even downloading the App last summer at the Smithsonian so Thing 2 could scan everything in the Natural History Museum. But, I was blank on ideas.

I asked Andy what he thought I should do and he said he had an idea for a shirt that has the code on the back that leads to a new website about the project he is currently working on. So I took that idea and went for it. The front is the name of his firm in Arabic and the back is the QR code that takes you to here.

Front of t-shirt QR Code
Andy has spent much of the past 3 years working on this project. He has spent a lot of time in Cairo, Beirut and India prior to his long stint in Saudi Arabia. He is helping to design and build the world's largest university for women. It is a pretty amazing project, especially since it is in Saudi Arabia.

While at Kathy's house the other day Thing 2 was really intrigued by the needle work she was doing. He originally said he was not going to do a project this week but that afternoon he asked if he could do one in cross stitch. So with a little help from Kathy we got him started and he finished in record time a sign for the door of his room.

His QR code does not lead to a website it tells you his nickname at camp.

Thing 2's QR code Thing 2's door hanger
His nickname is GIR who is from Invader Zim

Thing 1 decided right away that he wanted to do his QRcode with Legos. What a prefect thing. We found a website Pictobrick that will take any photograph and tell you how to make the image out of Legos. It even tells you how many of each color. So off to the Lego store to buy 263 1 x2 white pieces we went. It also required us to sort through the thousands and thousands of Legos we had for some single pieces. His came out super cool and leads to the Lego website.

Lego QR code

Until next week.....


grandma said...

I am so impressed with all of your projects! Thing one you need to send yours to the website you got the pattern from for their mosaic gallery.

KM said...

It's so cool each one of you did a project and each one equally impressive!

Anonymous said...

I like your projects with qrcodes,it's very original and interesting.