Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Iron Craft #22 part 2- Al Fresco with Things

This week for the Iron Craft challenge the theme was centered around picnics. The 3 of us all had an idea of what we wanted to make.

I decided to try making candles for the patio. This was something that I had never done before. I bought some soy wax, wicks and used some canning jars Kathy gave me. To color our candles Thing 2 picked out some crayons and we used shavings.
Iron Craft #22 Iron Craft #22

Iron Craft #22

I like how the colors turned out but I can definitely tell that there is more involved in making the candles than just melting the wax. Something to try again as I have more wax left.

Iron Craft #22

Thing 2 decided to use his sewing skills again. Each summer we love to go camping as a family. I have all of the silverware we use for camping in a plastic bag. Thing 2 made a bag to hold the silverware and put a stamp on the bag.

Iron Craft #22

He is becoming quite the sewer.

Iron Craft #22

Thing 1 is not quite done with his project as I type this up. He is making a napkin holder to use outside. What better use for the box of popsicle sticks we have sitting around. He ran into problems in figuring out how to keep the napkins from blowing around. Knowing him he will work on it until he gets it right.

Until next week, and who knows maybe we can get dad to help us with the project since he will be home.


Dr. Russ said...

Well done-all around. Can't wait until the napkin holder. Have a great week.

shopgirl said...

your posts are always a double or triple header! I love them all. Nice job with the candles! And the stamped bag is GREAT.

Reve said...

What's wrong with the candles? They look great to me! And I love how young Thing 2 has started sewing.