Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Iron Craft Challenge 5- Be Mine

We here in the Frozen Tundra loved this week's challenge. We all had our own ideas on what we wanted to do and each is in a different medium.

We had a guest crafter with us this week- my mom. Grandma in Florida thought she would try her hand in making a valentine of her own. Hopefully she will join us a few more times. She is a very crafty person and should be doing this with us each week- HINT HINT!

Thing 1 was back in action this week and the first to complete his Valentine. A while back he was turned on to Cubeecraft by Kathy. When he would spend time at her house he would make these creations. IC 5- Be Mine
Another site we download templates from is Nintendo Paper Crafts. This is where he downloaded his Valentine- We call it " Key to My Heart" He won't tell who he is giving it to.

IC 5- Be MineIC 5- Be Mine

Thing 2 this week set out to make Valentine's for his grandparents. It was great that this project was early as we need to send our Valentine's to Florida and Wisconsin. Thing 2 choose a wooden frame, some paint, and a small heart for his beginnings. I think his Valentine's are great and know his grandparents will love them. Our hope is the next time we see our grandparents we can take a photo of Lucas with them and put it in the frame.

IC 5- Be Mine IC 5- Be Mine
IC 5- Be Mine

For my valentine, I choose to try my hand at knitting some hearts. Since my valentine will still be over in Saudi Arabia on Valentine's Day I needed to make something that would last until he comes home sometime in March. This project was perfect for me as a new knitter. The hearts were a little fussy as my knitting is not the best. I did have fun doing it and Thing 2 wants me to make more hearts.

IC 5- Be Mine IC 5- Be Mine


shopgirl said...

Man did those hearts come out nice.
They do not look like the product of a 'new knitter' !!!

Codi said...

Love the knitted hearts, what pattern did you use? I need some!

Jenny K said...

I used the following pattern
I meant to put the link in but forgot.

Susi- I am a perfectionist so any little thing makes me crazy. Plus I have a good teacher in Kathy.

Dr. Russ said...

great projects all around. thumbs up to all. I'm jonesing over the key and heart. I might have to visit that website myself.