Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Challenge #4- Get Cozy

This week the Iron Craft challenge was Get Cozy! That is something we understand here in the Frozen Tundra when the low on Friday morning hit -16 degrees. I decided that I was going to knit my cozy but decided that I would do a twist on it and make one for my beer. With it so cold outside the thought of holding a cold beer was not appealing to me. This way while watching the Packers make it to the Super Bowl my hands stayed nice and warm.

Get Cozy
Thing 2 quickly embraced the challenge and had his planned out. He used felt and embroidery floss. I helped with sewing part of it together but he did his own stitching. He is very proud of his project and brought it everywhere this weekend.

Get Cozy

Thing 1 has had a rough week and did not participate. It was the end of the semester at school and studying took most of his time and then over the weekend he was hit with a nasty fever and spent most of his time sleeping. He will be back next week.


kat said...

& now you're knitting another one, you're hooked!

kat said...
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Dr. Russ said...

Great work. And I like the idea of designing a cozy for a beer bottle. In my case it would be a beer can (Foster's Lager boy here). Thing 2--great job. I would be carrying that around too. Keep up the great work.
Thing 1--get to feeling better and hop back onboard when you are ready.

shopgirl said...

Awesome! Luke - you did such a good job! You have every right to be that proud and more! good for you.
J: I like the beer cozy.

Stay warm!

Megan said...

Super cute!