Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Iron Craft #7- Midas Touch

For the Iron Craft challenge this week we were to use the Midas touch or gold in our projects in someway. This really had us stumped for awhile. We finally figured out what we were going to do and set off to do them.

Grandma decided to join us again this week. I knew that she would rise to the challenge and join us most weeks. I think she is more intimidated in the posting part to Flickr than in doing the crafts. I am happy to help with that. She decided to make a card this week using a technique called tea bag folding and gold as the accent.

Iron Craft #7 Midas Touch Iron Craft #7 Midas Touch

Thing 1 and Thing 2 did not have ideas until we were walking in JoAnn's the other day and came across some stencils to use on shirts. Since they are boys and bling is not cool around our house we went with silver for their project. They both had a fun time painting the stencil on the shirt and the paint could not dry fast enough for them.

Iron Craft #7 Midas Touch Iron Craft #7 Midas Touch

Here they are showing off their handy work although not all of us were happy about the photo taking process.

Iron Craft #7 Midas Touch

I spent a lot of time trying to come up with something to do- I found golden cupcakes, gold leaf everything and so much more. Thing 1 is a huge Harry Potter fan and I thought it would be cool to make him a golden snitch. So I started googling ( is that a verb?) how to make a golden snitch. Each search kept coming up with a knitted golden snitch by Kathy. It made me laugh that out of all the things I kept finding it referred to her pattern. So, since I am new to knitting and am trying to learn new things I decided I would try my hand at this. The first snitch I made I was not happy with my decreases and the gaps in my knitting so after looking at it a few days I decided that I needed to try smaller needles and start over. But the amount of time I want to craft does not always fit with the life of a working mom of 2 and a husband out of the country so...as of today, I have the center and part of one wing done but no pictures to show. For me Iron Craft is about trying new things and seeing what I can learn as much as a finished project. So, when I sit at piano class today I will hopefully finish the wings and complete Thing 1's snitch.

As always, looking forward to the next challenge!


Manisha said...

That's happened to me, too! I search for something and one of Kathy's blogs come back. I hope you will share your completed snitch!

Dr. Russ said...

Dudes, I would so wear those shirts if you had them in Gigantor sizes. BTW, even though it pains my heart--congrats on your Super Bowl win. All the best--DrRuss

Flash said...

Love the shirts.

Tell Grandma that her teabag folding rocks.

shopgirl said...

Both of the things are UBER cool. Outstanding!
yes, daunting to think how far reaching Kathy's talent goes. She is now omnipresent on the interwebs, and comes up in most craft searches! To think, we 'knew her when...'. : )