Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Iron Craft #8- Hometown

This week's challenge for Iron Craft- Hometown- threw me for a loop. I was born in Minnesota but my family moved to Florida when I was 10 years old. I grew up a beach loving swimmer and lifeguard on the beaches of Florida's west coast. But, that swimming brought me back north to swim for the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. I have very few memories of when I was young- going to my grandparents cabin "Up North", sledding by our house and the big snowman in our town of North St. Paul. Most of my childhood memories are of Florida- sailing and swimming at the beach, Disney World and college football. In college I meet my husband and we settled here in Minneapolis and started our family.

This week's challenge had me wondering what I considered my hometown- Minneapolis, MN or Dunedin, FL? The other day walking through Joann's looking for inspiration I came across the perfect thing. It is the best of both- Minneapolis, where our house is, school, work and our life but Florida provides me with many warm thoughts. It is where I turn for my college football fix (I still cheer for the Gophers but have you seen us win a lot lately?), I long for spring break in Florida and always feel at home when I am there. So I decided to make a pillow for Thing 2's bed with each side representing where my heart is- HOME.

Iron Craft #8 Iron Craft #8

Even though my Mom was born in northern Minnesota, she lived a good many years in "Delightful Dunedin", Florida. To live in Dunedin, means you become a honorary Scotsman as its heritage is based on its Scotish roots and the sounds of bagpipes are often heard throughout the town. When I was growing up I played the bagpipes in band for 5 years and would be banished outside to practice- I think they were too loud for them inside :) So in honor of her adopted hometown, Grandma has crafted a bagpipe pin (or magnet). She sewed and stuffed the bag, added a flat-top wood screw for the chanter, and wooden skewers topped with beads for the drones. As a former piper, I'd say it is pretty authentic looking!

Iron Craft #8

Thing 2 took the theme literally this week. His hometown is Minneapolis and he did what Minnesotans do- headed " Up North" to the cabin for the weekend. He took off with his best buddy to their cabin in Northwestern Minnesota for a weekend of sledding, ice fishing and fun. Winter in Minnesota means cold and snow. With 14 inches of new snow headed our way they got stuck at the cabin and the only thing that Lucas could do was play in the new white stuff- no time for crafting for him.

Iron Craft #8


grandma said...

I thought you were a Seminole fan!!!

Manisha said...

I love the pillow! And I love that you put it in the snow! It would be so fun to hook up someday, perhaps you, me and Kathy!