Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Iron Craft #20- To a T

Wow! It is hard to believe that we are 20 weeks into Iron Craft. I did not think I would make it past week one.

This week the challenge was to do something with a T-shirt. There is no shortage of t-shirts in this house and since we have made a few already for Iron Craft Thing 2 and I decided to do a little twist on the project. It was also perfect timing for a project that Thing 1 was doing for school. He belongs to the Anime Club at school and they all made t-shirts to wear this week for the last day of the club.

Iron Craft #20

Thing 2 and I were talking about the theme and what he wanted to make. He came up with the idea of taking a favorite t-shirt he had outgrown and make it into a pillow. He is a bit of a pillow hog as he has at least 5 on his bed currently. He cut the sleeves off the shirt and then he sewed up the sleeves, collar and the bottom and stuffed it. He is getting pretty good at sewing which is fun to see.

Iron Craft #20 Iron Craft #20

He is planning on using it as a neck pillow for road trips in the car.

Every summer the Things come with me to work to attend one of my day camps. Each day they haul a lunch, sunblock, a water bottle and a book. I get tired of looking for all the stuff each day so I thought I would take one of the old t-shirts we had from camp and make it into a tote bag. This project could not have been easier. I just cut off the sleeves, the collar and then sewed up the bottom and squared it off. Instant bag. These would also make great good grocery bags.
Iron Craft #20

Until next week and hopefully we won't be finishing our project late on Tuesday night again. We seem to be getting busier and busier around here.


kat said...

How do the straps hold up on the t-shirt bag, do they stretch a lot.

Dr. Russ said...

Please tell Thing1 and Thing2 that they inspired my work this week when they did the Royalty Tshirts. I had never worked with a freezer paper stencil. When I saw their work, I decided to try it out. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't have done. So thanks for the idea--and I am very happy with how my shirts turned out this week--DrRuss