Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Iron Craft #14- Denim

Wow- 2 projects in a row for me. It has been a while since I have done that. I HAVE been crafting this summer though- Kathy from Just Crafty Enough and I are doing the Granny Square Sampler that Wisecraft is hosting this summer. We are on week 9 and I am all caught up on my squares. Here is what I have done (minus last week- I need to take a  new photo). IMG_5444
I never crocheted before so I am pretty happy I am hanging in there.

On to Iron Craft for this week. I knew immediately what I wanted to do. I needed a new bag to hold my make-up. My husband would say "you need a bag like you need a whole in the head" He knows my obsession with bags. I see one and want to buy it or make it. Anyway, I had pinned this bag on Pinterest a few weeks ago and decided this challenge was the perfect chance to try it out. The bag came in 3 different sizes and I was not sure what one I wanted so I thought I would try the small one. If it was not right, I would make another. You see, you can always find a use for a little pouch.


I loved how this bag came out.

IMG_5448 IMG_5449
I love the open top. It was pretty easy to make. I know I will be making a few more.

Hopefully I will have something the next challenge. I am also participating in my 3rd season of Project Project Runway. I never thought I would make it through one season let alone be doing a 3rd season. All of this during the busiest time of year for work...go figure!

I am off to find my model. See ya on the runway.

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kat said...

Your squares look great together! Did you use vinyl on the inside of your bag?