Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Iron Craft #29- Buttons

Who ever thought that crafting in the summer would be SO hard. Wow. Since the end of June we have either been out of town or had company the whole time. Makes it hard to get in some crafting.

We did have some fun along the way. My brother and his family plus my mom and dad came up to the Great White North ( I type this as the heat index hit 120 today and 100 is the forecast high tomorrow) to celebrate our parents 50th wedding anniversary. It was a great time with lots of fun to be had.

Mom and Dad with Thing 1 at Gooseberry Falls
Gooseberry Falls

Duluth fun

I was able to sneak in just a wee bit of crafting time to get started on my challenge for this week. While out shopping at Michael's I saw this crocheted scarf that looked like those paper chains we all made as kids. Since I can't crochet yet, (it's on my list to learn) I thought how about knitting some "loops" and adding a button hole and buttons to make a group of links to count down the 25 days to Christmas. I finished 2 loops on Sunday (too hot to be outside) and plan on doing a few a week so I am ready for Dec. 1. This was super easy even for me a beginner knitter.

Knitted Links Knitted links

Grandma also was back in action this week. Check out what she did here.

The Things are still around but with all the travel and company they have not gotten in on the action lately.

I am off to find some cool space and wait for next week's challenge- hope I can come up with an easy idea- another weekend of company on the way :)


kat said...

This was super clever & you came up with the pattern yourself! Let's write the pattern up.

Jenny said...

nice! the look good and it will be exciting to see it grow.