Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Iron Craft #11- Easy Bein' Green

What perfect timing for this week's challenge in Iron Craft. We have had snow on the ground here in the frozen tundra for well over 120 straight days and it is wearing on me. I love snow but this year has been too much- over 80 inches of it and now it is all dirty and gross - I am ready for some green.

When talking with Kathy about ideas for this project she said she was thinking of making a terrarium. I said I had wanted to make one for a while so we decided to work on this project together. It seemed to make sense since a lot of the supplies came in big bags and it would be easy to share. Thing 2 wanted to join us so we made a day out of it. Kathy and I went and got all the supplies-you need gravel, charcoal, potting soil, plants and decorative rocks for the top if you want. And you need a container for it to all go into.

Iron Craft #10 Iron Craft #10

Having never done this before it was a learning experience. We had fun doing this together. Thing 2 wants to keep his in his room- I am trying to convince him that there is better light in the living room. But then again it finally might warm up and we can take the plastic off his windows and open up the blinds. COME ON SPRING!!!!

Iron Craft #10 Iron Craft #10

You can read Kathy's instructions here on how we assembled them.

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Yarni Gras! said...

just look at that smile....something about doing a good job is worth the time and effort put into it. Lovely terrariums!