Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Iron Craft - Orange

Orange, the theme for this week's Iron Craft reminds me of that knock, knock joke that ends with "orange you glad I didn't say banana?"

 Orange is not a color that I use much or have a lot in my wardrobe. Seeing that my sewing machine seems to be on the fritz- the reverse does not work all the time- I guess I need to take it in -I decided that I wanted to knit something. Off to the knitting store I went. I came across a scarf that I really liked, it was with bigger yarn (i.e.: it would be quick for me to knit) and I found some yarn that I loved.

Iron Craft- Orange Iron Craft- Orange

I know, I know- not a lot of orange but if you look really close there are a lot of orange tones in it :) Just the right amount for what I normally wear.

Thing 1 also has decided to join us this week. For those of you new to Iron Craft, when I started the first year of Iron Craft is was due to the asking of my oldest, Thing 1. Since then Thing 1 and 2 will join in when they are able to. This week Thing 1 made a clay sculpture of the Master Chief's helmet from the game Halo 4. The inspiration is the orange on the mask. I take his word for it that the helmet is what he says it is... I am not a gamer.

Iron Craft- Orange

Iron Craft- Orange Iron Craft- Orange

For those of you that were participating in Iron Craft last year when we had the felt challenge I said that I would show my finished product. Well, I finally downloaded the photos off of my camera. I give you Thing 2 the iPod ready for trick or treating.


This week I finished my project ahead of time but as usually I am rushing on Monday to get the post done. I was actually done and had it set to post when Thing 1 arrived home from school and said he did something... off to Kathy's to do a photo shoot.

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Just Crafty Enough said...

I never saw him in his finished costume, looks good. Don't forget to make these live on Flickr!