Thursday, October 4, 2012

Project Project Runway #11- It's Fashion Baby

This week for Project Runway the challenge for the designers was to design an outfit for baby. This challenge was a weird one. Designing baby clothes is not the same as doing it for adults. I did like some of the outfits but a few of them presented some challenges if they were to be designed as is. You could tell that the designers never had to change a diaper by the lack of snaps to make the pants come off easy. No way would I have bought the overalls- to much work to change a diaper.

For our challenge on Project Project Runway we had the option to design a maternity outfit instead of a baby outfit. Since my babies are now 13 and 10 and no longer wanting mom to sew their clothes for them I decided to make a maternity outfit. When looking at a lot of the maternity clothes today I am amazed at how form fitting the clothes have become as opposed to the big baggie clothes that I wore. I did not like the tight stuff. Anyway, for my outfit I chose to make a pair of leggings paired with a black stretch top. The top has room for growth which is important when buying maternity clothes so they hopefully last a few months. If the mom to be wanted to wear the top as a dress she could as it is long enough.
Project Project Runway #11- It's Fashion Baby!

Project Project Runway #11- It's Fashion Baby! Project Project Runway #11- It's Fashion Baby!

 The next challenge looks to be avant gard- my favorite :(

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