Thursday, October 6, 2011

PPR #10- Sew 70's

After a few weeks off to settle in to the school year, the House of Nodrok is back this week. The designs of the 70's bring back bad photo memories from my childhood but I embraced the challenge and went with it. This week the challenge was to look to the past to find your inspiration and create a sophisticated 70′s revival design. For my first design I decided to do an updated twist on the poncho with black suede pants.
Project Project Runway #10 - Sew 70's
PPR #10
 The judges agree with my assessment that the pants ended up being a little long but the model refused to wear the high-heel shoes I picked out and walked on the runway barefooted.

 I was rushing in the workroom to finish my second look (kids needed to be picked up at school and Tim kept telling me the clock was ticking.) This look is a simple one piece dress with a belt.

PPR #10- Sew 70's


I feel lucky to have gotten the second look done but hope that it will get me to the next week.

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kat said...

I think that second look turned out so cute, it was such a gorgeous fabric.